The property is located in Großziethen, a quiet vicinity of the Schönefeld neighborhood, just 800 meters outside of Berlin to the South. Großziethen, known as the “Town of Gardens”, is surrounded by the Tempelhofer district (Lichtenrade region to the West) and the Neukölln district (Buckow region to the North and the Rudow region to the East).

Other nearby surrounding communities include Mahlow located to the Southwest and Schönefeld to the Southeast. The so called “Town of Gardens” is characterized by well-spaced properties with free standing single family- or town homes. Because of Großziethen’s proximity to Berlin it has grown to become an attractive living area in the past years, not to mention the well-developed train / bus infrastructures. Either the car or one of the three convenient bus lines 742, 743, 744 with stops close to the property, will bring you quickly to Rudow and Lichtenrade, which have an extensive public transportation network.

Distances to downtown Berlin (Brandenburger Gate) 16 km; the airport Schönefeld 11 km; the Gropius-Passagen mall 5 km; the Lipschitzallee train station (U7) circa 4 km and the Buckower Chaussee train station (S2) approximately 4.2 km.

District Großziethen

Kirche von Großziethen

Großziethen is not only the most northern district of the Schönefeld community,
but also the northernmost area of the county Dahme-Spreewald.

In the town center, on the former village green, rises the west tower (originally built 1877) of the old town church which was remolded from 1983 to 1987. Additional historical evidence can be seen in the cemetery church and the old school building which have been restored over the years. The multipurpose hall was renovated into the Paul-Maar elementary school in early 2005 and since 2006 students have been able to attend and also take part in activities at the after school center. Today it shows how important and necessary it was, to build this school as quick as possible.

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